What type of machinery should I hire for groundworks?

Finding the right equipment for groundworks depends on the type of project that is being undertaken. Plant hire for infrastructure and construction includes the groundworks stage. There are a few different sub-categories within this, with myriad machinery and equipment, expertise and processes involved to ensure that the ground is prepared and ready for the following phases of construction. Without proper groundworks the rest of any project will be more likely to fail. 

Plant hire for excavators, rollers, telehandlers and other pieces of machinery and equipment that are needed on sites across the land, will help you achieve your goals and get the ground ready for the following phases of construction, no matter the end product desired.

What do you expect from groundworks?

The term groundwork covers a few different stages of a construction project. There is scope for a wide range of required plant hire during these different stages. Groundworks can include:

  • Foundations
  • Clearance of a site
  • Trenching
  • Site services
  • Landscaping
  • Sewer construction
  • Basement construction
  • Substructure works
  • Ground stabilisation
  • Reinstatement
  • Drainage

Preparation is key to anything that goes after it. Without preparing the ground correctly you are putting everything else at risk of failure. That is why it is so important to have a good relationship with a plant hire company to ensure you have the right equipment and that it is delivered at key moments during the schedule. The smoother you can make each phase, the better the chances of a successful outcome.

What type of equipment is needed for groundworks?

During groundworks there will be excavations, cabling, drainage, laying of different utilities, the building of foundations and the like. Each phase requires a different approach and different types of plant hire to help. 

The following is a good list of the types of machinery and equipment to hire for groundworks on a construction or infrastructure project:

  • Loading shovels
  • Forward tipping dumpers
  • 180-degree backhoe loaders
  • 360-degree excavators
  • Excavators
  • Road rollers
  • Compactor plates
  • Boom lifts
  • Telehandlers
  • Forklifts

This is not a definitive list, as there are countless other tasks that might require something a little different. Your plant hire expert can advise on the correct equipment and machinery to hire for each phase of the project and each set of tasks that are upcoming. 

Specialist plant hire support

Every single stage of the groundworks required specialist equipment that is specifically designed to help with those tasks. Planning a construction project is demanding, but with the support of expert plant hire specialists, you can ensure that you have the correct equipment, at the right times, to get the groundworks completed and the project off on the right foot.

Find a plant hire company in the UK with an extensive fleet available to you, high safety standards, routine maintenance and repairs, and the expert advice that helps you make the right choices for your construction or infrastructure project. Getting the foundations in place, all substructures, and making sure the ground is ready for the second phase of a project is a vital part of your success. Don’t take any chances – utilise the services of a specialist plant hire company to furnish you with the right types of equipment and machinery.