Timeline For Pool Construction: How Much Time Is Actually Needed?

Several factors can influence the swimming pool construction timeline, so there can be no simple answer to this question. Nonetheless, a general timeline for pool installation guides you on what to expect. Most importantly, understand that the timeframe is not fixed. Depending on your desired pool design, it is more of a customized process. Also, note that different pool companies work differently. Be sure to choose one that sticks to a reasonable deadline and delivers as advertised.

On average, pool construction should take eight to twelve weeks. Below is a description of the most crucial steps and their expected timeframe.

Pool Design: 1 – 2 Weeks

You first need to call a Professional Swimming Pool Contractors Dublin, OH to help you determine the pool design. Provide your ideal pool vision and let technicians survey the area. They will check for any structural hindrances, location of utilities, and site accessibility. Then, you’ll get a price quotation and a complete proposed plan.

Permission: 2 – 4 Weeks

Depending on your county or township, you need a building permit to construct an inground pool. Your neighbors, local professionals, and municipal authorities should know what you’re building. Permission acquisition timeline depends on how quick the city officials are. Your plan must comply with the building codes in your locality.

Site Excavation: 1 week

The actual work starts here. The excavation technician digs the pool as per the design specifications. Depending on the prevailing climate and soil conditions, it can be cumbersome or relatively quick.

Reinforcement, Plumbing, and Electrical Installation: 1 Week

Pool construction experts must lay steel and install plumbing lines and electricals. Rough plumbing precedes steel installation. The features are installed to ensure optimal reliability. Water features, spas, backyard amenities, and lightning are set up in this stage.

Installing the Pool Design: Gunite, Vinyl, or Fiberglass: 1 – 2 Weeks

The type of pool under construction determines precisely how long this step takes. Gunite pool is sprayed concrete which takes longer than all other pool designs. Plastering is necessary and is done when the gunite cures. Fiberglass and vinyl pools are relatively easier to install since they are embedded directly.

Decking, Landscaping, and Customization: 1 Week

A deck or patio looks good on any pool. The ideal deck suits the overall project theme, i.e., poo design, color, and pattern. There are numerous pool deck materials, from pavers to bricks. The exact time depends on how much decking in square feet is installed.

Final Touches: 1 Week

No pool project is complete without site cleanup. All waster materials are removed from the pool area. The pool interior designer does the final touches and installs the pool screen and enclosure. Safety fence and alarms are installed as well.

Finally, the pool construction crew does a final inspection and offers guidance on maintenance practices and crucial tips.

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