5 Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid this 2022


Kitchen cabinet refacing Dana Point can create a social space in their kitchen. However, it is achievable if the homeowner helps with considering how to design their new space. A successful kitchen should fit their family’s needs. Householders should make a list of their priorities. Putting their preferences on paper will assist them in developing a room that works for everyone. 

Although a kitchen does not need to be minor, it does not mean they have to include many items in their design. Some appliances may not be necessary for their space. Homeowners only need what they absolutely need. That is why when selecting new appliances, one must consider that the price and durability may change. Most modern devices are durable, but some models break down over time. Be sure to plan for future upgrades.

Moreover, keeping the kitchen island clean and tidy is crucial to prevent dirt from sticking. Regular cleaning is necessary. It is essential to consider their storage habits when designing their dream kitchen. 

Poor space planning is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make.

If an individual is planning their first kitchen renovation, they should not assume everything will work out. Do not be afraid to rethink their ideas twice or three times. It is best to ask for an expert’s guidance and avoid buying things too quickly. 

The work triangle is an essential. It refers to separating each working area from the refrigerator, stove, and sink. Proprietors should consider the space they have is easy to move around safely. With applying the Work Triangle principle, they can achieve a much functional cooking area. 

Continue reading the infographic below created and designed by the well-known kitchen cabinet refacing Rancho Cucamonga, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, to learn about the five common kitchen design mistakes to prevent this 2022: