What Is Rigid Click Vinyl Flooring?

If you’re considering replacing your worn-out floor with a new vinyl floor, you’re probably wondering, “What is rigid click vinyl flooring?” This article will answer that question and provide you with information on this innovative product. Learn about the benefits of this durable, water-resistant flooring and how easy it is to install. It’s a great choice for active households who are constantly moving and tend to be more physically active than most people.

Solid planks

These floors are made from rigid click vinyl and feature a printed vinyl layer that mimics the look of real hardwood. The name rigid core luxury vinyl flooring comes from the stone polymer composite core. The material is typically composed of limestone, polymer, and stabilizers. This core is denser than traditional PVC. A base layer, also called an underlayment, provides padding beneath the planks and acts as a sound barrier.

While many consumers have high expectations for rigid core vinyl flooring, not all brands will live up to the hype. Although many discount brands may sound like great deals, they do not live up to the quality of Mannington vinyl plank. This brand is waterproof and resistant to scratches, stains, and general wear. Though many homeowners are concerned about a walk-off problem, today’s vinyl planks feature wear layers and topcoats to prevent this from happening.

No adhesives

There are several different types of click vinyl, including rigid core click, floating floor, and glue down. Rigid click flooring is thicker than glue down, and it can use underlayment for added comfort. Glue down is best for large rooms, such as a garage, and may require less maintenance. Floating floor can be installed over a variety of subfloors, including bare concrete or plywood.

Click vinyl is a sound-suppressing, stable, and durable flooring option. Because it has an integrated locking system and snaps into place, it’s easier than ever to install your new flooring. Floating vinyl planks sit above a subfloor, preventing any unsightly seams or unevenness. The unique tongue and groove design allows you to easily install floating vinyl planks over uneven surfaces without having to use liquid glue or a professional installer.

Easy to install

If you are planning to lay down a new floor, you may want to consider rigid click vinyl flooring. This type of flooring is easy to install and comes in an array of colors and styles. Some even mimic natural stone tile or hardwood. In addition, it’s 100% waterproof. If you have a pet or a family with messy habits, you’ll appreciate the fact that it won’t absorb stains or moisture, making it the perfect choice for your home.

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure your subfloor is level and clean. It may be necessary to cut the planks to fit a specific area, so you should make sure you have all of the measurements right. Make sure you purchase about ten to twenty percent more than you need for your flooring installation, since you’ll need some extra for cutting and for future replacements. It’s also a good idea to wear gloves while cutting so you don’t scratch your flooring.

Resistant to scratches

Resistant to scratches refers to the ability of a plastic surface to withstand impacts. It is different from mar resistance, which refers to the level of damage caused by blunt deformation, crack, or delamination of a surface. Scratches may also occur when a material’s gloss changes or it develops a microcrack due to chronic internal stress. Scratch resistance is achieved through various methods, including base polymer selection and additive technologies. The objective is to match the surface durability of plastics to the expected lifecycle of the end product.

The hardness of a material is defined in terms of its resistance to being scratched by a hard stylus. Scratching is a common tribological phenomenon, and the degree of resistance to scratching is measured using a microscope. It is used as an alternative to indentation hardness tests, as a hard stylus ploughs into the surface of a material. A numerical constant called A is equal to 8/p for styli with conical tips and 4 for pyramidal-shaped tips.


If you want a high-end, durable floor covering but are on a tight budget, you may want to consider installing affordable rigid click vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring is easy to install, and many different types of vinyl flooring are available, including click together and flexible. Click-together flooring snaps together with interlocking tabs and is one of the most convenient types of floating floors. However, it is important to note that cheap vinyl flooring can react badly to certain cleaners.

For an affordable version of rigid click vinyl flooring, consider the Pergo Extreme line. This is a brand exclusive to the specialty flooring retailer Floor & Decor. This flooring is 100% waterproof and kid and pet-friendly, and it costs between $3.99 and $5.99 per square foot. The good thing about NuCore is its price range, which is well below the $5 per square foot mark. Compared to other rigid click flooring options, NuCore is very affordable.