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Discover what Pinnacle Studio is all about and download your free day trial today. Designed for first time users, the trial delivers access to the editing workspace so that new users may see first-hand why millions of people all over the globe love editing with Pinnacle Studio.

Edit with precision across multiple tracks using powerful audio and video editing tools. Make quick edits, crop video, create video and photo slideshows, add motion to your pictures with pan and zoom, and much more. Edit videos or swiftly capture and combine footage from multiple cameras. Turn those grey skies blue and bring out the best lighting in every scene! With a preview of the hundreds of video effects, titles, and overlays offered, Pinnacle Studio pushes the boundaries of what is possible in video editing software.

Download Trial Learn More. The Pinnacle Studio Trial is designed to give first-time users the access to explore the editing workspace and test out a few of the key features. The trial is not a full-featured version and is limited by formats and support. Full purchase is required to experience the complete power of Pinnacle Studio. Dramatically speed up your video rendering with new optimizations for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and nVidia.

Customize your workspace and set quick access points to the tools you use most. Quickly reference points of interest and drop cue points or set DVD chapter points directly in the timeline with new hotkeys, to edit on the fly. The free Pinnacle Studio trial lasts for 30 days and begins the day the software is installed. You can unlock the complete product and convert the trial to the full version of the software during the trial period, or after the trial has expired.

Pinnacle Studio is designed for Windows only. The trial version runs on all devices that meet Windows system requirements. The trial version does not include all of the features or capabilities of the full version of Pinnacle Studio. The trial version does not include the new features in Pinnacle Studio. To explore the newest features, you will have to upgrade to the full product. Toggle navigation. Toggle navigation Pinnacle Studio.

Download your Pinnacle Studio free trial Discover what Pinnacle Studio is all about and download your free day trial today. Explore the editing workspace Edit with precision across multiple tracks using powerful audio and video editing tools.

Test-drive the pro-caliber editing features Edit videos or swiftly capture and combine footage from multiple cameras. Give it a try today — risk free! Considering Pinnacle Studio as your video editing software? Give it a try today and join millions of people worldwide using Pinnacle Studio. How does the trial compare with the full versions of Pinnacle Studio? Learn more Give it a try. Tech Specs. About the Pinnacle Studio Trial The trial is a day period. The trial is intended for first time users of Pinnacle Studio and is designed to deliver a feel for the product before purchase.

It is not a fully featured product and offers fewer video effects, templates, titles, and filters. The trial does not include disc authoring capabilities, MyDVD software, or screen recording software.

A watermark is placed on project exports. Note that the watermark is removed upon full purchase. Projects, libraries, and customizations created within the trial are transferable to the full software, post purchase. Fewer formats are supported in the trial version of Pinnacle Studio. System Requirements Internet connection required for installation, registration, and updates. Registration required for product use.

Want to Download Pinnacle Studio? Download a Free Day Trial Now! Pinnacle Studio Screenshots. Faster editing Dramatically speed up your video rendering with new optimizations for the latest video hardware acceleration technologies from Intel and nVidia.

Chapter and cue points Quickly reference points of interest and drop cue points or set DVD chapter points directly in the timeline with new hotkeys, to edit on the fly. Questions and answers about the Pinnacle Studio free trial. How long does the free Pinnacle Studio trial last? Is the free trial a complete version of Pinnacle Studio?

Are the new features in the latest version of Pinnacle included in the trial? Done editing? Formats supported import and export formats are dependent on the version of Pinnacle Studio you have installed.

For a full list of format support, please visit www.



: Customer reviews: Pinnacle Studio 18 Ultimate (Old Version)


With the help of this program, users can enjoy the fun of multi-layer editing, which allows them to choose to combine a large number of video and audio tracks when creating a clip.

Users can also create custom soundtracks with the help of ScoreFitter. Pinnacle Studio 25 Ultimate Keygen includes a series of presets and plug-ins that can provide a variety of video personalization features, including transitions, lighting effects, light, jitter, and scratches. The tool can also stabilize the video, swap colors in the scene to eliminate blemishes, enlarge video clips, pixelate, and make various other adjustments.

In addition, the program also allows users to create DVD and Blu-ray discs from their videos and export them to various popular formats. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate This is very helpful for those whom need to expertise in the field.

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It also not longer includes the Reg Giant effects that were the only reason to ever consider buying this software in the first place. There’s also a reason that, unlike its competitors, Pinnacle offers no trial version. It astounds me how the ratings of this company’s products have soared since Vine reviewers starting evaluating them.

Go back and check for yourself. I was so struck by the superlatives used in one of these Vine reviews that I did a search on some of the more outrageous claims. The review was a cut-and-paste job from another website. You have to wonder if the reviewer even opened the box before selling it on Craigslist or Ebay. Read reviews elsewhere before buying. I end up trying adobe premiere, sony movie studio and movavi, I bought the sony movie studio 13 and very happy with it.

By Rafael on July 26, Images in this review. If you used those and felt limited and wanted to take your creativity to the next level this is the best tool available in my opinion. Unless you already have good knowledge of video editing tools though, it can be time consuming and frustrating to trying to get a powerful video editor to do everything you want. This is where Pinnacle Studio really shines and earns that fifth star in my opinion.

Included with the purchase is StudioBackLot. TV access for 45 days which has a comprehensive training series on Pinnacle Studio. Its organized very well to get you up and running, and make the tool clear and powerful for you.

With 19 Video Chapters, by the time you complete chapter 6 you’ll find the tool easy to use. With each chapter I was dying to try the new features I learned with my family videos and photo. On top of the end-to-end training there are additional tools, effects and tips so in just minutes you can be using tools like green screen and the Sin City color highlight effect.

In the end the most important aspect of a good video editor is how how quickly you can master the basics and get creative – Pinnacle Studio makes sure you’re successful here.

Pinnacle has been tormenting users since they came out with version 7. Prob longer I started with v7. It has been a headache the entire way of nonstop problems. And now with version 18, I cant even edit a basic AVI file. A simple, easy to read AVI file that I recorded with another application, because Pinnacle 18 the moron retard will not detect any USB or any other format capture devices. This is the Pinnacle of the worst software Pinnacle has produced, and it gets worse with every newer version.

I have purchased almost every version of Pinnacle Studio since version 8. I have had nothing but problems with all of them. Notice that almost all the positive reviews here are “Amazon Vine” reviews. I would wait for some real reviews before you commit your hard earned money to yet another version of this turkey.

Don’t take my word for it, look at reviews for version 17 and older. Amazon has already deleted another review I posted where I pointed out this funny business about “Vine” reviews. Keep an eye out and watch as this one disappears too. Purchased the download version of the software and it will not download. They claim they are willing to cancel the order but first a mystery form has to be filled out in order to cancel the order.

They will not send this mystery form and I have spent several attempts to get it with no luck. Clearly they are living up to their reputation of no service that we all read about on the web. I am mad at myself for dealing with them at all. I have had to request my card company make the order good and cancel payment to them if possible. Very time consuming. Amazing value for the price. Remarkably good for the money. I had my main video editor, a pro tool, fail completely.

It shouldn’t have happened but had to wait for their support center to open during the business week.

I had to use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 18 while I waited. I was surprised. It’s actually quite good for the most part with an occasional bug here and there. But the software works, didn’t crash and rendered videos quickly. It is pretty intuitive although I suggest you watch a video before you begin, many available on YouTube.

The rendering was very quick and took advantage of my CPU. The number of FX for your videos is staggering. You can create monster videos with a real professional touch with this package and it’s crazy when you think about how little the price is for such power. There are some things that aren’t perfect. I think rearranging could do better. I would like better snapping to timeline points or make it default. Click an option to access the next window.

This is how your grid choice looks on the Pinnaclesys. With the new installer, at the very beginning of the installation, you’ll be needed for less than 5 minutes From now on, your input is no longer needed and you can go about your business for at least 2 hours if you don’t have optical fiber.

And here’s what happens in your absence:. The Pinnacle Studio 19 Welcome window When you come back, about two hours later, if the download is complete, here’s what you’ll find:. The only recurring issue concerns the absence of parts of the Bonus Content while using the new fully automated installation process.

To recover the missing content, simply run the executable program Welcome. Select the Customized Installation item and check the box select all top of the list. Remember to reset the library for the new content to appear in Studio.

So, good installation, good discovery and good editing You are here: Tutorials. Step 1 : Which Version to Choose? The Plus version. The Ultimate version. You can see, at the bottom of the Pinnaclesys. Select download or boxed version. Note that even the boxed version no longer contains a printed user manual. If you have decided, click the Buy Now button. Note that the software has a 30 day money back guarantee and there is no longer a trial version.

Once the identification and payment has been completed you can download the Pinnacle-Installer. By running this file everything will start Step 2 : Downloading and Installing the Software with Minimal Intervention from You With the new installer, at the very beginning of the installation, you’ll be needed for less than 5 minutes Your participation will be limited to: Selecting the installation language.

Entering the serial number 5 sets each of 5 capital letters. Click on the Next button. Obviously, to install the software, you must accept the EULA. So to continue the installation, click the Accept button. And we come to the end of your work.


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Images in this review. Support your digital storytelling with this amazing functionality that enables dejploi to animate people and objects inside your productions. Add audio overlays to produce engaging tutorials, gaming videos, or to record webinars. It is designed and developed by Pinnaclesys and will continue to release updates, so it has received more enhancements and improvements in performance and design. Similar Video editing software.