How To Prepare For An Exterminator

Pests are notoriously resilient. If you have haven’t managed to drive them out despite multiple attempts, then you may need to hire professionals to do the job. They have the knowledge and experience to finally get the results you want. Before they come to your home, make sure that you have prepared everything for a smooth operation. Here’s how to prepare for an exterminator:

Make a Note of All Pest Locations

Perform a thorough inspection of your entire house. Be as meticulous as you can. Do not leave any stone unturned. Bring a notebook and pen with you as you go, so that you can take note of all the hiding places of these pests. You might draw diagrams of each floor and note what you found in different sections. These will make things easier for the extermination company.

Put Away All Your Clutter

Clutter will only get in the way. The items might even cause accidents such as slipping or tripping, especially since exterminators are not familiar with their placements. Pests may also be hiding underneath large quantities of clutter that haven’t moved in a while. As you put these away, you might find new nests for the exterminator to check. Take this as an opportunity to throw out garbage and rediscover hidden gems.

Clean Up the Floor and Other Surfaces

A dirty floor will not be able to absorb the chemicals and other substances that are needed for the treatments. Do a deep-cleaning for best results. Don’t just stop at the visible areas. You need to check the crevices and other hard to reach areas. Use a vacuum cleaner to make this easier while switching attachments as needed. Dispose of the contents of the vacuum bags immediately. Do the same for the cleaning rags.

Get the Leaks Fixed by a Plumber

A lot of pests are attracted to warm and moist environments. Examples include the bottom of your kitchen sink, which may host cockroaches and other insects. Improve the environmental conditions to drive them away. If there is a leak in the pipes, then have these fixed by a competent plumber. Only then can you stop the flow of moisture and keep the area dry. This will also prevent mold and mildew from growing on the surfaces.

Place Food in Protective Storage

If you have a lot of fresh food and grains in your pantry, then place these in airtight containers before the exterminator visits the house. You do not want the chemical sprays to touch the food you will consume later. Canned goods and other packed food items should be safe.

Take Pets to a Safe Area

If you have pets, then take them to a safe and secure area before the pros arrive. They should not inhale the chemical treatments. These might adversely affect their health and well-being.

Move the Heavy Furniture

Clean up heavy furniture like sofas and desks, as well as the areas around them. Move them away from their usual positions to get better access to the back. You might see pests crawling around there.

Advise the Family about the Exterminator

Lastly, make sure that everyone in the family is aware of the extermination schedule so they can prepare individually for this. Take kids to the neighbor or a relative’s house while the process is ongoing.

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