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I have two setups. Most of my music is on a Win 10 PC using Jriver for management and playback. It sounds pretty good. It sounds great. I have to say I enjoy it more than my Win 10 setup even though it could be considered technically inferior. So Audirvana sounds great, and I am wondering which Windows player comes closest. I have to admit that I am somewhat dissatisfied with the sound of Jriver. I always feel it sounds a bit glassy and harsh, even the Mac version.

Any ideas anyone? Does it matter if you have “good” DAC? Veri Master Contributor. Joined Feb 6, Messages 8, Likes 10, I tested Audirvana vs Roon and the last version of Audirvana 3. I wasnt even aware of these differences I was just testing the two to decide which one to buy but it struck me right away like changing a good dac like Hugo TT with an stellar dac like Dave. So for sound quality alone on the same gear Audirvana is far superior to Roon or direct streaming from Tidal masters or hifi via Audirvana still sound better than directly from Tidal.

Much more dynamic and musical. Roon sounds flat by comparison. Berwhale Major Contributor Forum Donor. Joined May 1, Messages Likes Hugo Addicted to Fun and Learning. I love MusicBee, and it has the cutest little icon in my taskbar! Shadrach Addicted to Fun and Learning. Joined Feb 24, Messages Likes We tried a blind test on this at my house one evening. I had been telling my friends that I prefered the sound of the player and audio stack in my Linux system. The test wasn’t DBT it’s quite hard to do with two or more operating systems on a dual boot pc We did 20 trials.

I got 12 out of We tired again at one my friends houses at out next meeting. I got 9 out of 20 that time. So, now I know I can’t reliably tell one from the other with the music played and the hardware used. The strange thing is given a choice between a Windows player and my current Linux player Deadbeef on top of Puppy Linux I choose Deadbeef every time.

I wonder of my dislike of Microsoft has anything to do with it. MRC01 Major Contributor. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence.

It’s possible you are hearing differences that weren’t highlighted by the source material used during testing. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. Featured Sponsor Listings. Drop JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly.

You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Good Audirvana substitutes? Thread starter lawsonian Start date Jul 2, Tags audirvana. It’s sad to see their new Studio software which is trying to rip people off with expensive yearly subscription fee that is equal to the lifetime price of the predecessor.

I’m still using the old Audirvana Plus but won’t count on their software support for much longer. The app worked flawlessly on both systems, but you can only run one instance at a time. To access it, you have to switch from the full player to the mini player, and then click on the switch, located on the upper left-right.

And for each file, the player was able to confirm it what I was hearing was, indeed, a true Hi-Res file, or not. Once installed, Audirvana behaves like every other music apps, or so. Compared to the prior version, Audirvana Studio is a major visual upgrade.

If you can switch between light and dark themes, the team changes various things like the font, the space between the lines, the overall presentation of your albums, etc…. Like Roon or Plex, the media library can be automatically scanned and sorted. For that price, you get :. Personally, after the day free trial, I took a Studio Access subscription.

To that, you have to add the cost of your music streaming subscription :. A nerdy guy with a passion for audio and gadgets, he likes to combine his DAC and his swiss knife. He likes spreadsheets, technical specs and all this amazing ly boring numbers. But most of all, he loves music: electro, classical, dubstep, Debussy : the daily playlist.

A followup review by the author of, Audirvana Studio, working in conjunction with the Dirac Live 3 room-correction software would be greatly appreciated. Then, I learned that Roon does not perform well that way. Once I learned how to deploy Roon properly, I found that it sounds as good or better than Audirvana, depending on the network bridge. Audirvana is a computer audio system.



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Search first posts only. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Install the app. Featured Sponsor Listings. DROP JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Getting the Audirvana sound on windows? Thread starter Sanlitun Start date Jun 22, Joined Feb 23, Posts Likes I have two setups.

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It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Sweet little free crossfeed plug-in for Audirvana. Thread starter Nirmalanow Start date Jul 13, Joined Jun 17, Posts 1, Likes I just recently got a Mac computer and so am trying out Audirvana.

I found the instrument separation to be so intense that I felt the kind of fatigue you can get with too much stereo separation on headphones. It has just a few settings after you activate it in the Audirvana preferences for feed level and for low pass frequency. With the crossfeed turned all of the way up, it makes the soundstage much more natural and cohesive. It truly is a relief as it takes the edge off of the hyper-real separation of the Audirvana software by itself.


Good Audirvana substitutes? | Headphone Reviews and Discussion


I have four sets of headphones and flat EQ was fine on three of them. The 4th set of phones, always needs extra low end and mid bass, but when adjusted, the result was, again, superb. You could want no more from a headphone amp in terms of engineering and sound quality, as you would rightly expect from Chord Electronics Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by andyrich from chord mojo 2 got this item a couple of weeks ago and using the mojo on my iphone and computer the build and sound quality Date published: Put Mojo 2 into desktop system.

Great slam, excellent speed, great dynamic range, effortless delivery while also having great attack. I’ve got tinnitus and highly sensitive to 4K hence Focal Elear Mojo 2 not harsh, not soft either. Mojo 2 fed with iFi Zen Stream, feeding with proper streamer took it up another two levels. Was going to spend more on desktop DAC, really pleased I didn’t. A sublime listening experience! For many months I’ve been mulling over how to take my mobile audio experience to the next level.

I managed to get a listen and I was smitten! The sound is so clear and transparent, from a variety of sources. Tracks that I thought could not sound any better, as listened through my desktop ifi Zen v2 DAC, were elevated to a completely another level. Stratospheric, in fact! I decided to go all in and also purchased the Chord Poly, so now I have, what I can only describe, as a “hifi in my pocket.

Also, the Richer Sounds staff were very helpful. Great shopping experience! Sound from both through this Mojo 2 is excellent – lots of detail, separation and bass – noticably better than my irDAC2 with same setup. I like the equalisation modes – very customisable. Bear this in mind if using in a main system as the cheap cables I had originally did muddy the sound quality The flexibility and primarily the improved sound quality outweighed this additional cost.

However, I now also have a fantastic sounding and compact desktop headphone setup for working in my office as well as superb DAC thats appropriate for my main stereo system too. Whats not to like? Rated 4 out of 5 by Rosco from Amazing device For the right person. It’s expensive But it offers a lot of flexibility and could replace or fill the needs for a sperate headphone amp for low impedance headphones a DAC or upgraded DAC for your Hifi whilst still being portable enough to use sat on the sofa or on a laptop so if it was to replace two separate devices of equal quality maybe it offers realistic value?

The EQ means if you change your headphones or a hifi component you can tailor the sound to suit adding longevity to its life.

It sounds great, it’s subtle to start with but the longer you listen to it the more you appreciate how clear and articulate it is without being overly clinical. I’m not a bass head but the bass presentation is the best I’ve heard out of anything, clean, textured, impactful without being overdone or distracting. The only things to consider. It’s not very intuitive to use and your want the manual to hand.

The EQ is basic and more to tailor for what your using it with and forget. The crossfeed is subtle but with well produced music or atmospheric music very welcome.

It sound good with all music genres but it only sounds amazing with well produced music. Rated 5 out of 5 by Joyem55 from Great product exceptional build quality Bought this product and am amazed what a difference it makes to the sound quality from my IPhone. Representative example.

Klarna Payment Badge. Pay in 3 interest-free payments so you can spread the cost. No fees. Add item s to your cart Go to checkout and choose Klarna Enter your debit or credit card information. To check your eligibility, Klarna will perform a soft search with a credit reference agency. This will not affect your credit score. In the Lab Report, there is a plot of what is labeled Wow and flutter. This is a spectral display of a single tone from a vinyl disc played back through the turntable under review.

Isn’t that pretty much the same concept as the jitter test, at least with regard to the central tone of the J-test at 11 KHz? It’s not obvious from either plot and associated labelling what the measurement parameters are for the spectrum analyzer.

The resolution bandwidth, the video filtering, the averaging type and number of samples, the detector type, and so on are not shown for either. To be fair, this might be explained in an article somewhere that I failed to find – my bad. Variations there would explain a lot. But, maybe there’s much more to it. I don’t think there’s much confusion here. Jitter was never all that audible as an issue.

No need for audiophiles to fear this “boogeyman” in general. I posted a demo for folks to listen to years ago – just Google “Archimago Jitter Demo”. Yeah, the J-Test for a device like this is not good for modern digital especially for the bit ethernet input. I still don’t think it’s audible in real music anyways, it’s more of a reflection of the engineering that the time-domain wasn’t better despite the claims of using femtoclock parts and the ESS ESQ2M DAC chip!

No surprise as well that turntables are comparatively inaccurate vs. It’s very obvious if one listens to a pure tone like Hz as per HiFi News. Time-domain is poor with LP playback not just because of turntable rpm variations but also the imperfections of the vinyl itself.

Again, with music we don’t notice these issues as much. Nice article. Thanks for testing storage drives i. Articles like yours and the use of Roon help prepare us for if that plunge ever comes. If only HD music videos are needed what else??

Who needs to sweat fighting with those complex ‘hi-teck’ remotes??? This is exactly what yours truly have been doing since a couple years back. Please note any DACs deliver adequate output voltage to drive directly any power amps to their rated full output power.

The sonic is sooo rewarding.. No kidding. Search form Search. Media Server Reviews. John Atkinson Nov 24, NEXT: Page 2 ». Log in or register to post comments. Well, the jitter spectrum of the QB-9 Twenty looks good at least. Good catch! Submitted by CG on November 26, – pm. I can see why. Submitted by CG on November 27, – am. Life is short so make the best use of it. Jacl L. Somewhat OT: This seems as good a place to ask this as any. Look at a turntable review. Any turntable review.

So, how is one to interpret all of this? One is obviously far different than the other. It plans to not tarnish the unique of the video or the song. You can as well form libraries and listen to one song following the other- a feature this is not supported by VLC Media Player. It is so because of the availability of features and simplicity of UI that has been kept throughout the interface. A basic, high-quality music player, which was previously called “AyreWave” in conjunction with Ayre, now dropped any association with them and has been renamed Decibel.

With a streamlined user interface, Vox has a clean design that is also easy-to-use. The player is no bigger than a sidebar, and even this can be minimized to a smaller, more compact player. Winsian is another OS X-only alternative to itunes that focuses on the media playback part, and ignores anything else. This tool, too, has social integration and allows you to connect your last. This is also the only media player that utilizes iZotope technology for optimal sample rate conversions.

DoubleTwist became a favorite of Android users that had deep roots in the iTunes ecosystem, and still is. But, besides just offering a simple, seamless way to sync your music between iTunes and Android, DoubleTwist is a fine music player in its own right.

JetAudio is integrated, multimedia software made of a single compact rack. Not only does it play various music and video files, it also has features such as CD burning, recording, and conversion to other file formats.

Providing one-stop shopping for all your video and audio management desires, open-source and cross-platform Miro deserves much of the praise that’s been heaped upon it. Sonora is a new music player for OS X that focuses on a gorgeous view of your album art, instantaneous search of your library, and queue-based playback.

Basic usage bugs have gone the way of last season’s molting, so this fun app that’s part music player, part Web browser, and all about music discovery, management, and playback is ready for every day use.

Is probably the most popular alternative to Windows media Center out there. KPlayer is a free HD video player, music player, AirPlay media streamer and online video downloader rolled into one application. Deep, analog, natural, and musical; these are words Amarra our customers use when describing their Amarra listening experiences. Movavi Media Player for Mac is the ultimate video and music player that can handle your entire media collection.