5 Benefits of Granite Countertops

64 per cent of new homes have granite countertops and they are the most preferred choice for consumers nationwide. This makes you wonder what is all the hype about granite countertops; doesn’t it? 

Granite being a natural stone is one of the firmest materials in the world. Every granite slab is unique. The texture and natural patterns have the potential to add a touch of sophistication and luxury to the dreariest kitchen ever.

Countertops can greatly determine the overall appearance of your kitchen. They are also the most used parts of the kitchen interiors. There are various materials used to build countertops hence you need to choose wisely. Here we shall talk about 5 prominent benefits of Granite countertops which will make the decision-making process easier. 

1] Resistance to damage 

Kitchen tasks involve fire, sharp objects, usage of liquids and so on. We cannot eradicate the possibility of spills, scratches and heat. This is why granite countertops are a good option. Granite slab being a hard material is resistant to chips and scratches. It is also formed by heat and pressure, making it heat-resistant. One, however, needs to be careful about spills and clean them instantaneously since granite is porous. This drawback however can be tackled using sealants. Granite is so durable that it can survive without significant damages for decades. 

2] Each granite slab is unique

Since granite is a natural material; no two slabs can be the same, which provides your space a custom kitchen finish that no one can mimic. Companies like Kitchen Wholesalers granite countertops have a wide variety that allows you to seamlessly find a slab that embodies your individual style. 

3] Granite countertops are perfectly flat

Uneven surfaces in the kitchen can cause difficulties if you are into baking, kneading dough and other tasks, which require a perfectly flat surface. And, granite naturally offers this. 

4] Easy to clean and maintain

Granite slabs need simple solutions to keep them clean. They are resistant to bacteria and dirt so you can get your countertop glossy and spotless in no time with minimal effort. 

5] Highly affordable 

Its natural to assume that all these benefits must be making granite an expensive choice. But you are wrong! A cherry on top of all these benefits is that granite is very affordable and can easily fit your budget! 

With so many incredible perks offered; we don’t think any further thought is required! Granite countertops are indeed the perfect blend of functionality and beauty!